Buttock Lift

Many people are dissatisfied with the size, shape, and contour of their butt. If you would like to improve the appearance of your butt, buttock lift surgery may be the right choice.

The surgery can address loose skin, small buttocks, asymmetrical buttocks, and other irregularities in the shape or size of the butt. Many techniques exist for buttock enhancement, so be sure to discuss all the options with your surgeon.

Candidates for a Buttock Lift

Good candidates for a buttock lift are healthy individuals who are bothered by:

  • Small or flat buttocks
  • Misshapen or sagging buttocks

These indications may be the result of genetic factors, previous surgeries, accidents, or injuries. Whatever the case, a consultation with Dr. Lambert can help you choose the best form of buttock lift treatment, and allow you to understand the outcomes you can expect from buttock lift surgery.

How a Buttock Lift Works

After a consultation at Hallmark Plastic Surgery,  the following buttock lift treatment may be recommended: 

  • Body contouring techniques are performed after major weight loss, when loose skin becomes a problem on the buttocks. The tissues can be tightened using techniques that remove areas of loose skin.

What Happens After a Buttock Lift?

Regardless of the type of procedure you receive, expect some postoperative swelling, redness, soreness, and possibly draining at all incision sites. Dr. Lambert will provide proper dressing to all incision sites, and you may also be given compression garments to help reduce swelling.

The recovery time partly depends on the type of treatment you receive, but 3-6 weeks should be expected. It's important to note that final aesthetic results may not be fully visible for several months up to one year.

During recovery, the appearance of your buttocks will improve as swelling subsides, incision sites heal, your muscles become accustomed to the presence of implants, and all postoperative unevenness in your skin settles. Follow post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Lambert, so your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.